After 30 days in treatment, I spent about 6 months in an out of different places before going to Clean & Sober Transitional Living.  The place saved my life... without a doubt the best decision I ever made towards my recovery.

I stayed at Clean & Sober Transitional Living for more than three years and even became an Assistant Manager. I feel that transitional living is the best course to take for a person in early recovery from substance abuse. Clean & Sober Transitional Living has so much to offer to a recovering addict in the way of support, meetings on property, and a structured life style that helps a person cope with the real world without the use of drugs or alcohol.

After completing a lengthy stay at an inpatient residential rehab, I moved into a room rental situation with some family members. And even though they were sober and involved in recovery, this is usually not the best thing for the family or the person in transition. The history and personal involvement we have with family members often makes recovery basics complicated.

I was over a year clean and sober before moving to Clean & Sober Transitional Living and was concerned that I was taking a step backward instead of forward in my transition to normal healthy living in society. These fears were unwarranted, as Clean & Sober Transitional Living has the ability to accommodate a wide variety of recovering people's needs. My needs were not that strict, I moved into a Phase II house after a brief Phase I tenancy, and continued to enjoy the freedom of my own room, the safety of being around others with the same needs, and low-cost living for several years.

My name is Dennis C. I lived at Clean & Sober Transitional Living for 14 months. I was a mess when I came and I was flat out broke. I am a contractor and one of the benefits of Clean & Sober Transitional Living was not only did they let me work and live there, they encouraged it.

I was able to rebuild my business, my self esteem, and the necessary recovery I dearly needed at the same time. The mixture of these items and the AA program I worked was great. The results surpassed my hopes and goals. In Clean & Sober Transitional Living, we are a family of non perfect people who help each other to overcome our life and addiction problems.

I no longer live at Clean & Sober Transitional Living, but I am a participating member and proud to call these people my family. The interaction of the residents, along with meetings being on site is beneficial to one's recovery. Don Troutman, the founder, is a crusader for recovery. He has living costs reasonable and affordable. This place saved my life. I recommend Clean & Sober Transitional Living to anyone who wants recovery and change their life.

"I am a professional engineer and an alcoholic. I had a great job ($$) and a wonderful family, but my drinking began to rule my life. I was one of the lucky ones: my employer paid for me to go through a 28-day rehab program. After I got out, I went back to my normal life at work and home. Unfortunately I was back to drinking in less than three months (worse than before) and this time I lost both my job and my family.

I heard about Clean & Sober Transitional Living and decided to check into their program. I went through detox  and then moved into their transitional living program. It was the best thing I ever did. It was the right program for me. It gave me the support I needed from other alcoholics and a structured living arrangement. I got my job back, went back to work while living at Clean & Sober Transitional Living and reunited with most of my family. After one year I moved out of Clean & Sober Transitional Living and into a house with two other recovering alcoholics. I now have 3 ½ years of sobriety and I am living back in my house and living a great life of recovery! I would not be where I am today without the time I spent at Clean & Sober Transitional Living."



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