What Makes Us Different

Our network of recovery homes offer a "step-down" program in a community that is more powerful and effective than a single sober home could ever be. Our residents come from all walks of life, so if you are looking for someone to emulate, you have many models of recovery to choose from.We offer fellowship in a community that has been structured to support recovery. Our residents reinforce their recovery with the support of others in recovery. Every resident is a stakeholder in the success of our community, and  every member of the CSTL community is expected to participate and be in integrity.

Clean & Sober Land is sacred. Our stance is that we are a place where we welcome people who have hopelessly struggled with addiction and that, "We love you but, don't threaten or disrespect our rare opportunity to be clean and sober on this property!" All residents monitor our community and set expectations for compliance and integrity from other residents. This method sets up a "We" versus a "Us and Them" environment  where people choose sobriety and live her by choice rather than mandate.


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