"Matt M."

At the end of my 30 day rehab at St. Helena, I was advised very correctly by my counselor that if I wanted to stay sober I would need to do a transitional living situation. Of course, I wanted to go home and get my old life back. Which is absolutely the wrong thing to do. So, I listened, and chose Clean & Sober Transitional Living after visiting several others in the Sacramento area. I stayed at Clean & Sober Transitional Living for a year. I continued to work at my high profile job, as my superiors had no idea nor interest in "where" I was living. I continued life as I knew it, with the exception of living with other drunks. This was a privilege and it kept me sober. I value my time at Clean & Sober Transitional Living highly and at the end of the month, I celebrate four years continuous sobriety.

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