Data is starting to drift in about how babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome are doing, and the early numbers are promising. These babies – born to mothers who used opioids while pregnant – developed drug withdrawal symptoms in the days or months after birth. Thankfully, in spite of that very rough and heartbreaking start, studies show that the children are generally meeting normal developmental milestones.

But their best bet at a bright future really starts with their mom’s ability to find sustained recovery, and that’s the goal at Horizons, a residential substance use disorder treatment program where mothers undergoing treatment can bring their children. The kids attend school or day care while mothers take classes, go to therapy sessions, and learn how to be nurturing parents. Most of these moms experienced trauma, abuse or neglect in their own childhoods, so they can learn a lot from this powerful program, which is affiliated with the University of North Carolina Medical Center. Find out how healthy foundations for the future are built here.

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